EmailOctopus – Send Marketing Newsletter Using Amazon SES

Sending Marketing Newsletter Using Amazon SES

Recently I came across a cool product EmailOctopus on top of Amazon SES. We at hackpundit are always looking for upcoming, innovative product which solves a problem. The way Amazon SES is getting popular email service like this was always on cards. Founders were kind enough to give me their full featured upgrade for free […]

7 Top Online Tools To Measure SEO Success

Top SEO Online Tools

When it comes to SEO, measurement is a fundamental aspect which defines how much success you have achieved. This is particularly true with online initiatives, which have a wealth of data. Using the right tools allow you to track the keywords that are sending you traffic, the profitable keywords along with the keywords where you […]

Android Tutorial – Create Simple Calculator Android App

Create Simple Calculator Android App

In my previous blog I wrote in details how can we create a simple contact android app. In that particular app I also explained concepts of Intent, Context Menu and many more. You can find all my other articles in Android section. In this blog we will create a calculator android app. This is a simple calculator […]

Hosting Your Business Email For Free with Zoho Mail

zoho mail for business

UPDATE : The article was featured on hacker news. People really liked the post and expressed their views. Read : Hacker News Featured Article Every  company needs business emails to interact with clients, customers, run day to day operations. I have found many startup entrepreneurs whose website is hosted, they are running business but they […]

Amazon SES – Working With Request ID

Amazon SES Request ID Error in AWS SDK version 2

While upgrading our AWS SDK from version 1 to version 2, I faced a strange issue which kept me struggling for a day. The article is specifically for Amazon SES developers who are upgrading from AWS SDK version 1 to version 2. If you are beginner with Amazon Web Service you can get started with […]

Create View Delete List Contact – Android App

Add View Deleted Contact Android App

In my previous blog I explained how we can Transfer Data Between Activities Using Intent. I also explained the methods which are used for data transfer between activities in details. You can find all my Android articles below. Android Posts In this blog we will create Simple Contact Android App. I will also explain how […]