Android Studio Installation Hacks

Android Studio Installation Hacks

Many Android people must have faced errors while installing Android Studio. In my previous blog i talked about Android Studio Genymotion  Installation. Today i am going to discuss couple of Android installations errors which i faced on Ubuntu system and hacks I used for resolution. Android Installation Hack No 1 Error :: Could Not Determine […]

Hosting Your Business Email For Free with Zoho Mail

zoho mail for business

Every  company needs business emails to interact with clients, customers, run day to day operations. I have found many startup entrepreneurs whose website is hosted, they are running business but they don’t own business emails. Most of them interact with their personal emails ids with company name appended in the end. This is mainly because […]

Android Emulator Genymotion Step by Step Installation Guide for Beginners

Genymotion Installation Guide

Using Genymotion emulator has many advantages both in terms of speed and performance. The blog will cover step by step installation on Windows machine. The tutorial is for beginners who want to setup this emulator on Windows machine. Below topics will be covered in this tutorial: What is Emulator? Why Genymotion emulator is better than […]

Email Spam Protection Tool

Mail Tester Spam Protection

Importance of Email Spam Protection Email spam protection is one of the biggest challenges email marketing experts faces. Solving the same problem I was looking for a good tool which can check spammyness of our emails in advance. This mean before actual sending of my newsletter it should tell me probability of email going to spam. I found […]