Android – Transfer Data Between Activities Using Intent

Android Basic Life Cycle

In my previous blog I wrote about Volley Library in details and how can we import Volley library in our project. I also explained how we can parse JSON data using Volley library. You can find all my other articles in Android section. In Android, user interface is displayed through an activity(Screen). Activity is used to […]

Amazon Redshift – Working with JSON Data

Amazon Redshift JSON Query

Amazon Redshift JSON Functions Amazon Redshift has some built in JSON functions that allow extracting data out of JSON. You can easily modify JSON strings to store additional key=value pairs without needing to add columns to a table. Amazon Redshift JSON functions are alias of PostgreSQL JSON functions. JSON_EXTRACT_PATH_TEXT Amazon Redshift function is the most […]

Android Tutorial – JSON Parsing Using Volley Library

Android Volley Library Architecture

In my previous article I explained, how we can do static JSON parsing in android using android JSON library. It’s a good starting point. You can read from here: Static JSON parsing in Android This article is tutorial on Volley, it’s features and JSON parsing using volley library. I will also discuss what errors I […]

Startup Tutorial – Signup Emails with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

Signup Emails with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

This blog explains how to setup signup email backend with AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB. Emails processed by the AWS Lambda function will be stored in DynamoDB. Perfect for startups. How to invoke your Lambda via rest is mentioned at the end of the article. You can create your signup landing page with this use […]

Static JSON Parsing in Android

Android Static JSON Parser

JSON is very popular for structuring text. It’s a stand-alone JavaScript Object. It has replaced XML as object representation due to it’s simplicity. JSON notation is not only readable by JavaScript, but most languages today have some kind of JSON library for parsing JSON. JSON unlike XML, is easily parseable. Parsing of JSON is easier […]

Android Custom ListView with Image

Android Custom ListView with Image Featured Image

In my previous blog we created a sample android login app. If you missed you can read from below: Simple Login App In Android In this blog we will create a Custom ListView Android App with Image using Android Studio. Custom ListView with Image App Assumptions You have Android Studio Installed in your system. You have basic […]

AWS Free Tier Unknown Facts

AWS Free Tier

  Are you looking for a good hosting service for your wordpress blog or website? Is your budget tight and you are exploring all options. Do you want to beta test your product without spending much with a reliable hosting service? I had mentioned in my previous blog AWS S3 WordPress Integeration that is […]

My ShoutMeet Pune Event Experience

Shoutmeet Pune

  ShoutMeet Pune(2015) Frankly speaking I was not interested in attending ShoutMeet Pune, an event headed by famous blog scientist Harsh Agrawal, Founder of shoutmeloud. But my elder brother forced me to attend this event by saying that it will take my blogging journey to next level. His exact words were “you will learn a […]